The "Largest" Ashland, Big Dog, Garfield, & Rowse dirt scraper stocking dealer in the United States along with being the "Largest" Riteway land roller stocking dealer in the United States!

Delivery options of scrapers and land rollers are available when you rent or purchase from us!

"We Will Not Be Under-Sold!"          "Free Delivery To Most Areas!"

We will sell or rent out 8' to 85' Riteway, Degelman, or Summers Rollers.
Free Delivery & Pickup for all rentals or sales.

Also available is CUSTOM ROLLING, 1 to 3 Units available for before or after planting or after the beans are up, along with rolling corn-on-corn ground and corn stalks in the fall.

Please view our newest product line Ferris Industries, the commercial mower specialists!

We are a proud dealer representing the following manufacturers: Hoelscher, Degelman, Rite Way, Summers, Art's Way, Ashland Industries, Big Dog, Dura Grade, Durabilt, G&A, Garfield Equipment, IronWolf, Johnson Mfg., Leon, Lorenz Manufacturing, Reynolds, Rowse, and Ferris Industries.


We also have our Trucking company available to do any hauling of equipment or any of your product needs.